Studio88 / Argiris Giorgou Architecture, PC is a full-service architecture and design studio specializing in crafting thoughtful, functional and timeless solutions for a variety of clients.

Our portfolio spans many typologies, including urban and suburban residences, schools, offices, restaurants, retail and furniture. The focus is neither the size nor the type of project but the opportunity to enrich lives and enhance the environment.

Over time our small firm has developed into a nimble entity capable of expertly and efficiently executing designs of various typologies, styles, and sizes.

We work in a collaborative, informal and non-hierarchical manner, approaching design as a dialogue between client, design team and site. We process the opportunities and challenges of each project and offer uniquely beautiful and thoughtful solutions, creating spaces that embody function and delight. We bring to each of the assignments that we undertake the ability to work with our clients to identify, assess and achieve the goals of that particular project.We do not have a signature architectural style, nor do we approach a project with a pre-determined agenda. We strive to build strong alliances with consultants, builders and artisans in order to create carefully informed design decisions. The attention to all elements of design has been a constant in the firm’s philosophy.